Microsoft Teams MSI

Finally is out! Microsoft publish MSI for deployment Microsoft Teams organization wide. Now, you can download Microsoft Teams client and prepare it for deployment thru your organization very easy.


To leverage System Center Configuration Manager, or Group Policy, or any 3rd party distribution mechanisms for broad deployment, Microsoft has provided MSI files (both 32-bit and 64-bit) for admins to leverage during bulk deployment of Microsoft Teams to select users or machines. Admins can use these files to remotely deploy Teams so that users do not have to manually download the Teams app. When deployed, Teams will auto launch for all users who sign-in on that machine. It is recommended that you deploy the package to the machine, so all new users to the machines will also benefit from this deployment.



Target machine requirements:

  1. .NET framework 4.5 or later
  2. Windows 7 or later
  3. 32GB of disk space for each user profile (recommended)

More information on:

Omar Kudović

MVP Office365 Site And Services